The Mormon Mafia introduced HEROIN to America in 1959 with the Vatican. Help expose one of the biggest threats to POTUS Trump—the Mormon Mafia

CIA cartel in Illinois running local government and the Democrats

Call for a Grand Jury Investigation on the Mormon Apostle & GHWBush CIA Operative Dallin H. Oaks, the Pedophile Mormon Mafia & Clinton Democrat-cocaine traffickers in Rockford, Illinois!

40-year Chronology of the Apostle Dallin Oaks’ CIA-cocaine cartel targeting me, family and 40 other Good People in their Rockford Illinois LDS Congregations

Call for a Grand Jury Investigation

PDF File – 2018-12-17 Grand Jury Investigation

PDF File – 2018-12-17 Grand Jury Investigation2


55th Anniversary of the Assassination of JFK and the Mormon Mafia connection

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Jude 1:4 “For certain individuals whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are ungodly people, who pervert the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord.”

The money trail of the Democrats AND New Wold Order goes back to the assassination of Joseph Smith–The JFK Conspiracy of the 19th Century!!

Video: ‘Mormon History Revisited ~ Who KILLED Joseph & Hyrum Smith?’


Video: CIA & Mormon Pedophilia ~ Dallin H. Oaks ~ Anunnaki ~ Brighamite History





Trump’s picks from Satanic-CIA CHICAGO Law Firm KIRKLAND & ELLIS

1978-03 oaks u of chicago-1
Mormon Mafia Dallin H. Oaks, who helped introduce HEROIN to America in 1959, as an attorney for Kirkland & Ellis and Chicago Cook County State’s Attorney Prosecutor for the Daley Crime Machine!

President Trump is getting the worst advisement on the following appointments from Chicago Law Firm Kirkland & Ellis, CIA New World Order agents of the Bush-Clinton cocaine-pedophile network with the Vatican:

Satanic Pedophile “Apostle” Dallin H. Oaks – member of the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is law partners of
Attorney General William Barr
U.S. Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh
U.N. Ambassador John Bolton
ALL CIA COCAINE-HEROIN trafficking Kirkland & Ellis!!
We are NOT GETTING HONEST people if they are from Kirkland & Ellis!
Oaks’ son-in-law Jack Ward DEFRAUDED ME $500K in the past 13 years!!



Late 1970s, Attorney Jack Ward (left) with his CIA Father-In-Law Dallin Oaks, TOP PEDOPHILE CIA-FBI recruiter for Satanist George H.W. Bush at Brigham Young University, 1971-1980. He and his Rockford Illinois pedophiles have targeted ME & FAMILY since 1978, when Ward moved to set up a cocaine-heroin network in Rockford with the Top Clinton DEMOCRAT Operative Thomas O. Meyer.

Nothing is getting better in Chicago or America!!!

kikland ellis

William Barr

Brett Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh


John Robert Bolton



Kenneth Winston Starr



William S. Sessions       

G.H.W. Bush FBI Director       

1987 to 1993

--- - 0-0federal-camp gantppj

U.S. Attorney John Lausch, Northern District of Illinois, who protects the likes of “Bagman” Dallin H. Oaks and his son-in-law Jack Ward, who has targeted me 4 decades!

000-Dallin_Oaks - Copy2

Video bi Kevin Shipp – William Barr is a G.H.W.Bush



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The Mormon Mafia introduced HEROIN to America in 1959 with the Vatican. Help expose one of the biggest threats to POTUS Trump—the Mormon Mafia

via The Mormon Mafia introduced HEROIN to America in 1959 with the Vatican. Help expose one of the biggest threats to POTUS Trump—the Mormon Mafia

Cocaine Mormon Boy Mitt Romney

1992 el salvador - rockford delegation

Jan. 1992 I was a Peace delegate to El Salvador at the end of the Civil War, 1980-1992. Mitt Romney laundered the cocaine.

Mitt Romney laundered the cocaine money for GHWBush and the 14 oligarchy families of El Salvador who murdered 75,000 Salvadorans and earned 173 percent ANNUAL RETURN on the illicit money.

Do Utahans know how to read? This info is on the web.

I was in El Salvador as a Peace Delegate and found out 1992.

The cocaine quartermaster was Felix Rodriguez, who killed Che Guevara in 1967, so the CIA could take over Bolivia and install the Top Cocaine Supplier, Sonia Atala, MORMON!! One of mi attorneys trained Felix Rodriguez to kill Che.

Romney’s Aunt Jasmine was married to John K. Edmunds, Chicago Stake President, when his Councilor David M. Kennedy introduced HEROIN to Chicago with the Vatican Bank.

Look up Vatican Bank Scandal.

40 Good Mormons besides me have been defrauded by Apostle Dallin H. Oaks and his Illinois Mormon Mafia.

Do not hire the following Rockford, Illinois lawyers, phone numbers & addresses, home & office COMING!

Please subsibe2

Rockford Mayor Attorney Larry J. Morrissey

Rockford Mayor Attorney John McNamara

Attorney Dalene Soderberg, One Court Place

Attorney Peter Alexander, Alexander Cicero

Attorney Charles Alexander, Alexander Cicero

Attorney Andew Smith,  Alexander Cicero

 Attorney Tom Green, Barrick Switzer

Attorney Jack Ward, Reno Zahm (Son Brent, at Chase Bank)

Attorney Brian Larkin, One Court Place

Attorney Thomas Lester, Hinshaw Culbertson

Attorney Ann Dempsey, Oliver Close

Attorney/Judge Ron Pirello

Attorney/Judge Janet Holmgren

Attorney Tom Meyer, deceased, son is Rockford City Attorney Nicholas Meyer


Do not get loans from these criminal banks

Chase Bank, Brent Ward – cocaine launderer. commit fraud on customers

Blackhawk Bank – commit fraud on customers

First National Bank, Bad Steinberg – commit fraud on customers

Harvard State Bank – commit fraud on customers

U.S. Bank – cocaine launderer


Protected by the following criminal Gatekeepers

Sheriff Gary Caruana

Winnebago County Sheriff’s Deputies Carlson & Ballenger

Guy Spinello, former candidate for mayor, picked my lock. Spinello is the grandson of Al Capone’s “safe-cracker.” Can’t make it up.

Winnebago County Sheriff Dick Meyers

Winnebago County Sheriff “Don” Gasparini – cocaine launderer

Winnebago Co. Chief Judge Harris Agnew – a foster-girl signed an Affidavit, accusing him of raping her in his judges’ chambers.


Protecting pedophiles & cocaine launderers

Bjorn Hulleberg, manage fo Rockford Development is owned by Jack Wad

Hulleberg  lived with my parents and lived with me. I taught him real-estate investing in 1992. And he is attempting to steal my Mother’s house.

1998 Hulleberg was accused of pedophilia and the Mormon Bishop Jack Ward got him off. The victim was allegedly his girlfriend Kathy Bartel’s son.

Hulleberg and wife Kathy Bartel (sex-slave) used to come to Mom’s every week bringing the tainted food, when she got cancer. She survived, as she opted out of “chemo” poisoning. That’s what my Dad died of with a Heart Attack.


Illegal search by Winn. Co. Sheriff’s deputies Jan. 2, 2019


Mormon Pedophile Leadership: Apostle Dallin H. Oaks, M. Russell Nelson and whoever. All Military-Enlisted men and the two on the left are ACCUSED PEDOPHILES.

Dear Patriots & Christians,

Yesterday, Jan. 2, I was illegally searched by two Winnebago County Sheriff’s Deputies Carlson & Ballenger looking for guns and whatever. They wouldn’t give first names, as is the custom of criminals.
Guy Spinello, former candidate for mayor, picked mi lock. Spinello is the grandson of Al Capone’s “safe-cracker.” Can’t make it up.
Sheriff Caruana is a trafficker as former “Security Head” at the Rockford Airport. UPS ships the heroin and cocaine.
Caruna is the successor to Dick Meyers and “Don” Gasparini, never a cop but ELECTED, at the bequest of the Top Democrat Tom Meyer, who targeted me at 18. I am now 58. 40 years of CIA targeting.
Sheriff Gasparini was the recipient of the cocaine from the Aug. 1987 assassination of the Little Oock’s “Two Boys On The Tracks,” murdered at the bequest of Gov. Bill Clinton and cocaine driven to Rockford, Illinois.
I edited the article in the “Benton Courier” Nov. 1996, NAMING Clinton as the “highest office of Arkansas who shut down the investigation.”
Gasparini  RESIGNED after I returned from Little Rock and had me a ARRESTED and threatened for exposing the Winnebago Co. Chief Judge Harris Agnew, who had a foster-girl sign an Affidavit, accusing him of raping her in his judges’ chambers.
Agnew resigned, too. Agnew wrote the bylaws of “Mediation-Arbitration” national policies.
Those pursuing me have filed an Eviction and granted Dec. 10, 2018, to take advantage of their wrong-doing and racketeering.
I filed a Motion to Reconsider on Dec. 17, 2018 base on Rockford Development, LLC.
Rockford Development is owned by Bjorn Hulleberg, who lived with my parents and lived with me. I taught him real-estate investing in 1992.
I helped start the newspaper in 1993, when Hulleberg lived with me.
Hulleberg bought his first building when he lived with me.
1998 Hulleberg was accused of pedophilia and the Mormon Bishop Jack Ward got him off. The victim was allegedly his girlfriend Kathy Bartel’s son.
Wad and Hulleberg made a partnership Rockford Dev.
2000 Hulleberg was attempting to sell mi Dad on a scam.
Sept. 2000 Dad died of cancer. Mormon Bishop Jack Ward officiated at the funeral and Rockford Dev. began getting it’s corporate mail at Mom’s house, 726 Ralston Rd. Look it up online.
I believe he poisoned my Dad with weaponized cancer, just as I believe he killed his mother of the same poisoning.
Hulleberg and wife Kathy Bartel (sex-slave) used to come to Mom’s everi week bringing the tainted food, when she got cancer. She survived, as she opted out of “chemo” poisoning. That’s what my Dad died of with a Heart Attack.
Oct. 2018 I called Hulleberg and told him to stop getting his mail at Mom’s.

Two weeks later Hulleberg filed an Eviction.

I have attached two files to show the money trail of WHO has been targeting me since I was 18.
I helped start the newspaper The Rock River Times, 1993 to protect me from these RICO criminals. Hulleberg’s pedophile-ring complicit attorneys Crosby & Associates Law Firm have DEFRAUDED me of getting control of the newspaper after paying them a 2,500 Retainer, July 2017.
Attempting to get an honest attorney in Illinois is almost IMPOSSIBLE.
I KNOW Hulleberg was positioning to STEAL my property AND mi 86-year-old Mother with Machesney Park City Attorney Tom Green and the mortgage-holder Chase Bank with Mormon Bishop Bent Ward.
Hulleberg promised in 2006 to sell back the Brownstone I paid off in 1993 and STOLEN by court agents and future Rockford Mayor Larry J. Morrissey, if I bought 6 FRAUDULENT real-estate deal from his partner Attorney Tom Green and Jack Ward’s son Brent, at Chase Bank.
Green & Ward stole my 40 year-owned historic Victorian 6-plex, in the Downtown trafficking center, Green launders the cocaine money through the city-road bonds. The Building Inspectors are former traffickers–a prerequisite to city employment.
My “forced” former-partner Doug Bruno was Accountant for the cocaine cartel and Top Democrat Tom Meyer, who owned the largest cocaine outlet in Winnebago Co., public housing project Concord Commons, financed by Top Mormon Jack Ward’s Amcore Bank and never had to make a mortgage payment.
His dad David Bruno was the Treasurer of the local labor union. Also, launderers. Building Inspectors are ALL hired from the Carpenter’s Labor Union.
I have been and still am
Amcore was a Nevada Corporation. Salt Lake Mormon bankers financed the mob casinos in Las Vegas.
I don’t believe Hulleberg & his co-pedophile-conspirators would want to go to court. An aggressive pursuant of the money-trail to their trafficking and real-estate scams will show they have DEFRAUDED about 40 Mormons with their scams.
No one will stop them.
But without attorneys to stop them, they have enjoy court protection, just like their Catholic priest pedophiles.
Hulleberg lived in the former Catholic Bishop’s house with an altar and chapel in the attic. Satanism! This is the time he was accused of molesting children.
@2014 Hulleberg was the Mormon Church “Jobs Specialist.” Mi sister was getting divorced from her husband Tim Speer, son of WROK-AM radio newsperson Fred Speer. Tim works at the Sheriff’s Dept. as the CSI investigator.
Hulleberg invited her to his secluded cabin in the woods of his farm. He invited her to join his “sex club” for PAY!!

That is Human Trafficking. He kids would be next on the menu!! Protected by the Mormon Church leaders.

Hulleberg, Ward and 10 Mormon partners use the Mormon Church for “cover” like the 500 Catholic pedophile priest in Illinois just revealed by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.
The Mormons will be exposed next, according to insiders following Utah U.S. Prosecutor John Huber, assigned to take down the Utah Mormon-pedophile rings.
Knowing Hulleberg’s dad was a pedohile and he was accused in 1998, and inviting my sister, meant my nieces and nephews WOULD HAVE TARGETED NEXT.
I was targeted at 18 (1978) and been looted $500K by their agents in 2006. Hulleberg was there to “help” overcome that fraud with another 12 years of his frauds, which cost me another loss of the buildings and @200K in money invested in the buildings sold me.
These are the same people in bed with the Catholic pedophile priests.
Jack Ward’s father-in-law was top CIA-FBI recruiter when he was President of BYU 1971-1980. The monei tail of Oaks goes back to the 1844 assassination of the founder of Mormonism in Illinois. This is where the Mormons and Illinois began their illicit relationship and the Democrat Party and the Pro-Human trafficking Civil War money trail.
Oaks was Cook County State’s Attorney and Professor of Law/Trust at University of Chicago, when David M. Kennedy INTRODUCED HEROIN to America with the Vatican Bank and Chicago Archbishop Paul Marcinkus.
2018 Utah Senate Republican Candidates were Willard Mitt Romney and Michael Kennedy, grandson of Fed. Reserve Officer under Chairman Marriner “Stoddard” Eccles, David M. Kennedy, CHAIRMAN of fist “too-big-to-fail” Chicago Continental Bank.
Both CIA cocaine candidates.
The First Councilor of the current Rockford Stake Presidency is Daniel Stoddard McConkie, an attorney whose speciality is “breaking up large drug cartels.” This is  front. He is the son of Mormon Church Law Firm Kirton McConkie, who protects the pedophile networks of Utah.
Utah U.S. Attorney John Huber is appointed by Pres. Trump to investigate & prosecute the Utah pedophiles & money launderers. This is as big as the Catholic peds.
Looking for a lawyer to file a Fed. Suit, I spoke with 3 attorneys in Idaho, Denver and SLC who ALL revealed several PEDOPHILE ACCUSATION SUITS against Apostle Dallin H. Oaks, who I believe HAS to be the MASTERMIND of the Rockford cocaine-heroin rings of Illinois and Rockford.
His son-in-law Jack Ward came to town right after graduating from racist J.Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University, 1978.
What a coincidence!!
Oaks is the CIA recruiter at Brigham Young University who hired the “returned missionary,” who left the back-door open to the Watergate Burglars. E. Howard Hunt’s death-bed confession revealed the Mormon Mafia had a “hit-team” at the JFK Assassination. The Mormon Mafia got away with killing their own founder in Illinois 1844. Joseph Smith was not a polygamist, but a pro-Indian, Abolitionist Candidate for POTUS, killed 9 days before his first ralli.
Look up “The Dallin Oaks Societi” at U. of Chicago–aka Rockefeller U. Home of the Atom Bomb.
The founders of the Union Pacific Railroad was behind Young and the assassins Willard Richards, Mitt’s namesake and John Taylor, 3rd Mormon “prophet.” Both Young and Taylor allegedly died of POISONING.
The Mormon Mafia’s chief mode of assassination is poisoning.
I also contacted official Mormon Church law firm Kirton McConkie Michael Jenson and sent him this information. I called them 3 times after sending an e-mail with info. I was not called back.
Dallin Oaks is partner at Kirton McConkie as well as U.S. Attorney of Northern Illinois John Lausch’s Kirkland & Ellis. I called them, too in 2017. NOTHING.
Lausch is appointed by POTUS Trump and don’t know if he is honest. If I had to guess, I’d say NO. He didn’t call back. CIA law firm Kirkland & Ellis would be the  reason. And CIA have immunity from MURDER!
U.S. Attorneys make a hundred-thousand a year, but a CIA lawyer makes $MILLIONS. It’s posted on their website.
Homeland Security may be the only honest prosecutors.
2017 Dec. 21 Pres. Trump signed an Executive Order to confiscate assets of drug & human traffickers.

President Donald J. Trump Proclaims January 2018 as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Trump: I’ll Fight Human Trafficking ‘Epidemic’

These RICO criminals DO NOT WANT TO GO TO TRIAL, under the current paradigm of the Trump Administration.
Sen. John McCain was allegedly EXECUTED as a traitor, as the one orchestrating the Sirian ISIS and more.
George H.W. Bush was allegedly EXECUTED as a traitor, as the one orchestrating the CIA drug trafficking and organized the Mormon Mafia in 1959 and more.
I am finishing up a 2-hour video showing the money trail of the Mormon Mafia, including Mitt  Romney as one of Bush’s chief operatives. Making 173 percent Annual rate of return is one of the biggest “tells.”
Romney’s Aunt Jasmine was married to the Mormon Chicago Stake President John K. Edmund in 1959.
These were my church leaders in Rockford, under the Chicago Stake.
The Vatican Bank Scandal of 1974 EXPOSED the Italian part but the Americans had “diplomatic immunity.”
1978 they moved a leg of the cocaine/heroin trafficking to Rockford. Forty Good Mormons also got targeted. This is NOT SPECULATION!

Ritual abuse and relationship setups. How they are used to run sabotage campaigns and abuse

Published on Jan 2, 2019

11-6-2017 A bit of rambling about major finds in the computer system and past strangeness. Dots are connecting. Validations of my sanity are occurring. Sometimes the really weird things that happen to us are meant to be jarring so we remember for future use. In the end all things come together in ways you never expect. The life you think you live can actually be completely different than the life you actually live.

Timothy Holmseth fighting against the CIA, their pedophiles & local police

Seven Minnesota attorneys have been named for engaging in serious corruption connected to Clinton Global.

In a court filing to the 9th Minnesota District Court today, Timothy Holmseth detailed a decade long plot by a group of attorneys that conspired with operatives of Clinton Global to protect an international child sex trade operation being run by CIA cartel operatives.

The attorneys named are:

  • Fixer Attorney #1 – Ronald Galstad
  • Fixer Attorney #2 – Kip Fontaine
  • Fixer Attorney #3 – Michael LaCoursiere 
  • Fixer Attorney #4 – Bruce Ringstrom
  • Fixer Attorney #5 – Gretchen Handy
  • Fixer Attorney #6 – Greg Widseth
  • Fixer Attorney #7 – Kristine Kolar

The document, which is seen below with redactions, has been submitted to the Polk County Court and served to Ronald Galstad, Gretchen Handy, Greg Widseth, Kristine Kolar, Kip Fontaine, and East Grand Forks Manager David Murphy.

Please see his website: