Oaks recruits NWO, son-IN-LAW loots me

Univesiti of Chicago

While top CIA Mormon Mafia and Rockefeller University Professor of “TRUST” next-to-take-over the LDS Church Apostle Dallin H. Oaks was RECRUITING for the GHW Bush cocaine and pedophile NWO cartel, Oaks’ son-“IN-LAW” was DEFRAUDING and ROBBING ME BLIND!!


GHWBush made the Momon Mafia

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The Mormon Mafia & the JFK Assassination



Dallin Oaks comes to town once a month

‘Reading Church History’ Elder Dallin H Oaks

Dallin Oaks gives 20 Ways To Help Cover-Up the Truth for The Masonic Vatican-LDS, INC. Partnership Church.
Dallin Oaks on the BOARD of the ROCKFORD INSTITUTE (28:27 min.), where he used to come to Rockford, ILLINOIS ONCE A MONTH just like a “bagman” for the CIA Bush-Clinton cocaine cartel.
Targeted 4 decades by the Oaks KKKlan.

Warning & Hope—Ezra Taft Benson

CHICAGO—LDS Chicago Stake, Wilmette, IL

1972 As a 12-year-old Deacon, I attended a meeting where Mormon Apostle Ezra Taft Benson spoke to a gathering of 100.

He told us to read a book called, “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” which showed how the Rothschild Banking Family has been orchestrating ALL wars and depressions for the past 200 ears, including the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917.

I’ve been awake since and that how one notices all of the other machinations bi the “Satanic secret combinations of conspiarcies” bi the GHWBush New World Order globalist pedophile, heroin and cocaine networks that par for ALL of the “Islamic” terrorism thru NATO.

My Chicago Stake Presidency leaders included David M. Kennedy, Treasury Secretary to Nixon and the CIA George HW Bush agent of the Mormon Mafia who introduced heroin to America in 1959 with the Vatican Bank!

Mormon History Revisited ~ Who KILLED Joseph & Hyrum Smith?

Published on Jul 13, 2018

Jon Bystrom, 25 yr. investigative reporter reveals who really shot and killed Joseph & Hyrum Smith. Maybe Brigham Young was not the prophet the Mormon church touts him to be. His Freemasonic and banking connections along with his grandiose ego and need to be in control drove Brigham’s motives for orchestrating the murder of the Smith brothers.

A forensic and ballistic investigation shows the overwhelming likelihood that Willard Richards and John Taylor were the henchmen, under Brigham’s orders that betrayed the Smiths. Willard Richards, known church historian, then underwent the task of rewriting church history. It would appear as though Joseph Smith was not a polygamist after all.

Brigham Young is the “prophet/profit” that practiced polygamy out in the open and reveal it as eternal doctrine. If this is so, then the Mormon church has a lot of explaining to do and setting the record straight. We’ll also be discussing Dallin H. Oaks and background.

Stay tuned to find out who this character is and how he came to be 2nd in command of the Mormon church without ever serving an LDS mission. Maybe his ties to E.H. Herriman has a little something to do with it.

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