The Mormon Mafia introduced HEROIN to America in 1959 with the Vatican. Help expose one of the biggest threats to POTUS Trump—the Mormon Mafia

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CIA cartel in Illinois running local government and the Democrats

Call for a Grand Jury Investigation on the Mormon Apostle & GHWBush CIA Operative Dallin H. Oaks, the Pedophile Mormon Mafia & Clinton Democrat-cocaine traffickers in Rockford, Illinois!

40-year Chronology of the Apostle Dallin Oaks’ CIA-cocaine cartel targeting me, family and 40 other Good People in their Rockford Illinois LDS Congregations

Call for a Grand Jury Investigation

PDF File – 2018-12-17 Grand Jury Investigation

PDF File – 2018-12-17 Grand Jury Investigation2

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Jude 1:4 “For certain individuals whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are ungodly people, who pervert the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord.”

The money trail of the Democrats AND New Wold Order goes back to the assassination of Joseph Smith–The JFK Conspiracy of the 19th Century!!

Video: ‘Mormon History Revisited ~ Who KILLED Joseph & Hyrum Smith?’

Video: CIA & Mormon Pedophilia ~ Dallin H. Oaks ~ Anunnaki ~ Brighamite History





Book of Mormon revealed the NWO secrets!!

According to this high-ranking Illuminati “witch,” JOHN TODD, The Book of Mormon tells the truest story of Lucifer and his NWO purpose on Earth!!

See 7:25 minutes into this video.
That is one of reasons, I believe, Joseph Smith was assassinated by Rothschild agent Brigham Young, using his agent John Taylor and “COUSIN” Willard Richards.
Smith REVEALED the highest of Luciferian NWO Agenda!!
The Book of Mormon revealed the hidden “Satanic secret conspiracies” in 1829, hounded and Assassinated for it!!

Ill.-Mormon history ties to Bill Clinton

“Emegingphoton” is an attorney researching early Nauvoo.

William Avery “Big Bill” Rockefeller Sr. (November 13, 1810 – May 11, 1906) was an American businessman, lumberman, and salesman who went by the alias of Dr. William Levingston.
Brigham Young & William Law Counterfeiting, Murder, & Seduction of a 16-year old girl in Nauvoo.
William Law ended up as a judge in JoDaviess County, Illinois, of which Freeport, is the county seat, home of the Lincoln-Douglas Debates, 1858;
Freeport Civil War General John Wilson Shaffer, 1870, sent to Utah by POTUS U.S. Grant to end polygamy and poisoned Oct. 31, 1870, six months later;


And living in hiding at Freeport was the Patriarch of the Rockefeller Family, under the alias: “Dr. William Avery Levingston,” aka William Avery Rockefeller, Snake Oil Salesman, polygamist, scoundrel, Father of John D. Rockefeller.
I believe he is also the Gr-gr-father of William Jefferson (Rockefeller) “Bill” Clinton.
Is William Jefferson (Rockefeller) “Bill” Clinton the Gr-gr-son of “Dr. William Avery Levingston?”

Mormon Manual For Covert Disruption & Gang Stalking: If It Happens At Work, File Workers Comp Claim

From “Emegingphoton”

“Joseph Smith was assassinated by covert operations of criminals headed by Brigham Young and his Danite KKK vigilantes. Since being run out of the US because of their total dissolute activities, the Mormon in Utah have be wreaking havoc on good civilized human beings, yes being a human is our sin.
The Utah Mormons have spent generations using their own children as biological experiments, the entire state suffers from brain damage due to unrelenting PTSD or ritual trauma, scientifically proved to cause brain damage and psychopathy. The Art of Deception:
Training for a New Online Disruption, link:…

Expose them is mandated & God-dated!

Ephesians 5:11 “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”



John 14:12 “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”–Jesus


‘Brother Brigham, Brother Young’

By Cord Lund, VIDEO by Captain Samuel Smith












Khashoggi, Alex Jones, Dallin H. Oaks, Putin, Roger Stone and POTUS Trump

Saudi Adnan Khashoggi, the top arms, drug and human traffickers in the world, sold Trump a yacht, friends of Putin, allegedly owns Alex Jones’ Genesis Communications Network and associate of Mormon Mafia Apostle Dallin H. Oaks, who’s targeted me since 1978, whose family STOLE A MILLION DOLLARS from me over the past 4 decades.

And associate of Roger Stone….

Alex Jones, I believe, is one of them. Jones tells listeners to send him info to expose them. So, I have 20 times and NEVER hear back. I pay for his shit and it NEVER arrives. He’s one of them! He only tells a fraction of the Truth. How else does he stay on the airwaves. I’m shadow banned and could use his help–if he was HONEST!! He tells 95 percent truth, but it is the 5 percent that would made difference–but HE WON’T GO ALL THE WAY!!


kikland ellis

(Above) Adnan Khashoggi with Mormon Mafia “Apostle”-Pedphile Dallin H. Oaks, Utah Supreme Court Judge (who targets me), law partners of NEW AG William Barr (right) Trump’s NEW man of JUSTICE.

Oaks’ cocaine-heroin partners are the Chicago Catholic Pedophile Priests.

I don’t believe Trump IS ONE OF THEM, but they certainly do surround him. And his advisers must have alot to hide!!

Mormon Mafia, cocaine-heroin-child trafficking Oaks is also law partners with Attorney General of the Northern District of Illinois and Trump appointed John Lausch, who protects his filthy law partners at Chicago’s CIA-Laden Kirkland & Ellis CIA Law Firm.


Oaks and his family have stolen $1 million from me for exposing their Illinois Mormon Mafia pedophile and drug networks.

I pray when JUSTICE BEGINS it will be effectuated with a GUILLOTINE!!


Living for the music

Styx – Birthday Party and Crystal Ball – Genesee Theater, Waukegan, IL – 02/09/19

Styx was the first concert I attended at 16 at Boylan Central Catholic High School Gym, Rockford, Illinois 1976 with my best friend Wade Clark. Rockford is 90 miles west of Chicago, their hometown. The Atlanta Rhythm Section was the opening act. That Styx concert was Tommy Shaw’s FIRST TOUR. He was a virtuoso on guitar. The first song they played was “Light Up Everybody.”

The smell in the gym was DELICIOUS as 500 lighters ignited in the air.

Wade became a singer/songwriter and wrote the hit song “CALL TO THE HEART” performed by Giuffria.

When Wade WASN’T paid for his song, and forced to move back to the mob shit-hole of Rockford, he killed himself at 23 years old. A tragedy I WILL NOT forget!! I spoke at his funeral.

After one of Styx’s return visits in 1981 at the 8,000-seat MetroCentre, I happened to be stopped at a red-light with Styx’s Tour Bus. Just us. Tommy was sitting in the passenger seat and I was next to the bus. I called out, “Hey, Tommy.” He rolled down his window and the light changed GREEN. But Tommy, James “J.Y.” Young and the band humored me and spoke with me through ONE GREEN LIGHT.

I’ll never forget them and have always been a big fan.

I’m now 59, became a journalist and helped start a small weekly newspaper. But that first concert was one of the highlights of my youth. Wade “tuned me” into some of the best music I still enjoy–ELO is one.

Thanks for posting this gem!! I owe you!!! And I still owe Wade for such good friendship!!


1980 Wade and Tara Clark_BW-edited-1_edited-1

The filth of the Democrat Party 1828-2019

2019 Feb. 1

The Democrat Party 1828-2019: Celebrating 191 years of Human Trafficking, Fed. Reserve, New Deals, WWI, WWII, Bush Republicans and the KKK!!

Rothschild funded
Harriman-Rockefeller cartel
Pro-Human Trafficking
Ku Klux Klan
Civil War
Jim Crow Laws
Federal Reserve
Overthrew Russia
Created WWI
1929 Stock Market Crash
The Depression
1933 FDR Coup attempt
The New Deal
Eugenics programs
Fascist philosophies
Funded Hitler
Nuremberg Laws
Created WWII
Nuked Japan
United Nations
Infiltrated Republicans (RINOS)
NATO terrorism
Anti-Civil Rights
The Great Society
Drug Trafficking & Laws
Killed JFK, MLK & RFK
Overthrew Nixon
Shot POTUS Reagan
Iraq War I & II
200 Million world-wide



The local Rockford, Illinois Mormon Mafia stole almost $1 Million from me for EXPOSING their cocaine and child trafficking network in Illinois.

Mormon Mafia Head “Apostle” Dallin H. Oaks has targeted me and his “team” has stolen $1 Million from me in 40 years. Oaks (like the Catholic priests a Pedophile) has been in bed with the Vatican Bank laundering heroin and cocaine money for the CIA’s false flag terrorism Since 1959.

So, I followed their money trail back to the their foundation.

The Pro-Slavery Democrat Party money trail can be traced to the Civil War, the Assassination of the Founder of the Mormon Church for being an Abolitionist Candidate for POTUS 1844 and the E.H. Harriman-Rockefeller Empire.

Follow the money trail of the assassins of Abolitionist and Pro-Indian Joseph Smith to the modern Satanic Democrat Party.

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Rockford, Illinois–The Most Dangerous City In America.

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