Mormon History Revisited ~ Who KILLED Joseph & Hyrum Smith?


Landlords of the NWO Part III – Mormon Mafia-001

JFK’s Assassination CHANGED politics and the last 50 years, not for the better! The 19th-Century Assassination of an Abolitionist, Anti-Polygamy and Pro-Indian Candidate for the President of the United States on June 27, 1844, NINE DAYS BEFORE his first rally, CREATED the OPPORTUNITY for Rothschild Agents, to enslave his Abolitionist Followers and BANISH them to UTAH!!

Landlords of the NWO Part III – Mormon Mafia-001 Who funded the New World Order?

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Alleged rapist judge gets awarded

Alleged Rapist Awarded with “Service to Community Award” during a Winnebago County Bar Association

Chief Judge of the 17th Judicial Circuit Harris Agnew was accused in 1996 of raping a 14-year-old foster girl in his chambers.

As Assistant Editor of The rock river Times, I brought the story to our weekly newspaper and Agnew resigned 11 days later. …
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ROCKFORD — Retired 17th Circuit Chief Judge Harris Agnew was honored today with the newly renamed Harris H. Agnew Service to Community Award during a Winnebago County Bar Association meeting at Forest Hills Country Club.

Service award renamed for retired Judge Harris Agnew

Mormons are getting away with MURDER!

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Interview with Galactic Storyteller


Imagine the CIA Group that Assassinated JFK and took over the U.S. Gov’t.
Now, imagine the same conspiracy to Assassinate the Abolitionist, Pro-Indian and ANTI-POLIGAMI Candidate for U.S. President WHO WOULD have ended Slavery and Integrate with the Indigenous?
This is the story of the Greatest Unsolved Murder of the 19th Century, just coming to Light, of how Brigham Young ENSLAVED the Christian followers of Mormonism, for the New World Order of the founders of the KKK and the Bush-Clinton cocaine Empire.
This interview is NOT just about a Mormon Sect, but the roots of the Mormon Mafia and the most SECRETIVE SUB-CONSPIRATORS of the CIA and FBI, involved in Benghazi, Watergate, JFK Assassination and the introduction of HEROIN to America in 1959 with the VATICAN BANK!!
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The Mormon Mafia & the JFK Assassination