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Crosby Law Firm defrauded me in getting control of mnewspaper The Rock River Times: Free Consultations: (815) 977-7878

#462, 6 Eleanor Roosevelt at Hyde Park.22

Let Rockford, IL Con-Artist Crosby Law Firm know Humans will defeat PEDOPHILE LAWYERS and LAWYERS who DEFRAUD clients, which is Malpractice/RICO

====joseph smith

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Please make a donation: Please send prayers and donations the old fashioned way to: Jonathan Bystrom P.O. Box 1951 Rockford, Illinois 611110 I am shadowbanned on YouTube, GoFundMe, Patreon and FaceBook. I've been a journalist, developer, editor, photojournalist, missionary, peace delegate, screenwriter, political activist, and Free Speech danger to the criminals running my community. I was targeted by the "pillars of the community" and altered my plans in defense.

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