Mormon Mafia peds plan to rule the world with the Vatican

Mitt Romney, Epstein, Mormon Satanic Ritual Abuse, Q’s Timing


Sept. 10, 2019 Breaking News



National Security Advisor John Bolton is law partners at Chicago Law Firm Kirkland & Ellis, along with AG William Barr, and Mormon Mafia “Apostle” Dallin H. Oaks, Brett Kavanaugh, Clinton Special Prosecutor Ken Starr, Alex Acosta and Obama’s Chief White House Councilor Neil Eggleston.

And … Kirkland & Ellis ATTORNEYS DEFENDED Jeffrey Epstein … & Kirkland & Ellis ATTORNEYS PROSECUTED Jeffrey Epstein.

Kirkland & Ellis ATTORNEYS also REPRESENT Mitt Romney and Bain Capital.D4i1qi9XoAE-C9z

Kirkland & Ellis ATTORNEY John Lausch is the Trump-appointed U.S. ATTORNEY of the Northern District of Illinois, including Chicago & Rockford, who the Gatekeeper and CIA OPERATIVE to keep the door shut on any investigation of his New World Order Colleagues.

Trump-appointed U.S. ATTORNEY of the Northern District of Illinois John Lausch of Kirkland & Ellis.

The Prosecutors in a corrupt Satanic Operating System are the KING-PINS OF THE GATES!

One Rockford Prosecutor is quoted to have said: “I am the GATEKEEPER of the COURT. Nothing GETS IN or out of the court, except BY ME.”

Sounds like Bridge Troll. Or a dirty cop who frames people, or lets off a pedophile judge, or two or three …

UTAH – Sen. Mitt Romney ‘unhappy’ about John Bolton ouster as security adviser

Jan., 18, 2019, file photo, U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, speaks with reporters, in Ogden, Utah. Rick Bowmer, Associated Press (Courtesy of Deseret News.



(No. 2 OF 6 parts)

Introduction to the significance of the money trail

Secrets of Watergate & the Mormon Mafia


000-dallin_oaks - copy-1
Former President Obama & Former Chicago State’s Attorney Dallin Harris Oaks who authored the Fed. laws of “search & seizure” while his fellow-Mormon David .M. Kennedy laundered heroin-cocaine in Chicago with the Vatican Bank, 1959-1971.

DALLIN H OAKS has never spoken on the “Satanic secret conspiracies” because he was the top CIA-FBI Recruiter for the Mormon Mafia, first at the University of Chicago (Rockefeller U.) 1959-1971 and at Brigham Young University, 1971-1980, just like his G-g-Pa Franklin Harris. Which makes Utah Supreme Court, “Apostle,” and Mormon “Profit-In-Waiting” Dallin Hoax,  the CIA --- tump (9)OPERATIVE WHO HIRED THE “returned Mormon missionary” FROM BYU, who was hired to infiltrate the Democratic National Headquarters located in the Watergate Plaza, to leave the door open for the GHW BUSH-HIRED WATERGATE BURGLARS (Bush & Oaks Directors of Union Pacific Railroad [Fathers of modern Corporate Fascism])–who were framing Nixon and removing him from the Presidential Office. Oaks now, leading his CIA-FBI-NSA “Mormon-Subtracted Church,” er, I mean,Mormon Mafia Brighamite “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Satanic Secret Conspirators.”

Just like their drug-laundering partners with Vatican Inc.–their CIA-FBI-MOB-NATO partners of the DEEP STATE!

1844 Abolitionist and Pro-Indian POTUS Candidate ASSASSINATED by the New World Order of the 19th Century and how the lineage ties DIRECTLY to the 21st Century CIA-Vatican Bank, Watergate and ASSASSINATIONS of America’s prophets for the last 2000 years!! Who financed the Democrat Party & NWO? How did the Bushes take over the Republican Party?

Rothschild-E.H. Harriman-Rockefeller-Fascism

Who KILLED Joseph & Hyrum Smith, June 27, 1844 Nauvoo, Illinois?====joseph smith

Mormon History Revisited ~ Who KILLED Joseph & Hyrum Smith?

The Pro-Slavery Democrat Party money trail can be traced to the Civil War, the Assassination of the Founder of the Mormon Church for being an Abolitionist Candidate for POTUS 1844 and the E.H. Harriman-Rockefeller Empire.

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