The deepest darkest secrets of America!

Jon Bystrom Pt. 2 ~ CIA & Mormon Pedophilia ~ Dallin H. Oaks ~ Anunnaki ~ Brighamite History


Targeted males: CIA-FBI Mormon Mafia liquidates their assets’—what a coincidence—that’s what they did to me!

Special Guest Katrina Hagen Electronic Warfare Digital Targeting if Women children for human traffic

Chicago Mormon/CIA Satanic breeding

Recorded conversation from January 2017 of Katrina Hagen proving people trying to hold her under coercive control until she participates in the Chicago Mormon/CIA Satanic breeding Program and forced polygamy.

This is somehow Mormon/CIA based. She goes over how they premeditated destroying her life to put her in a vulnerable position for exploitation.

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Let Rockford, IL Con-Artist Crosby Law Firm know Humans will defeat PEDOPHILE LAWYERS and LAWYERS who DEFRAUD clients, which is Malpractice/RICO

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1997 Chief Judge accused of molesting 14-year-old foster girl and this is the SPIN!!

I’ve been fighting them for 40 years.

1997 I’ve been fighting the Satanist Pedopohile Cocaine Trafficking State’s Attoney Paul Logli for 20 years!

WNTA-AM radio Host Chris Bowman and Rock River Times Publisher Frank Schier–BOTH  DIED Prematurely!!

Fast forward to 15:15 & 33:00 min. to hear what I HAD TO Say!!

Both had COCAINE addictions! My BOSS Frank snorted $30K of my paychecks up his nose 1994-1996.

Chris Bowman was Gay, posing as a straight Republican!

Bowman was the Public Relations Man for the Republican National Committee.

State’s Attorney Paul Logli pulls the puppet-strings at WNTA-AM Radio with HOST Chris Bowman, former Press Secretary of the Republican National Committee and GATEKEEPER of the pedophile JUDICIAL rings of Rockford, Illinois.

Bowman was Gay posing as straight, BLACKMAILED to keep the secrets of cocaine-trafficking, pedophile DEMOCRATIC-Republican cartel in Winnebago County, ILLINOIS.

A few yeas later David Hale called Bowman out on the air as Gay. Bowman went into the hospital that Friday night and was dead by Sunday.

At his bedside was Paul Logli, to make sure NO DEATH-BED Confessions would be EXPOSED!

I saw Bowman a couple weeks after this broadcast in 1997 at a local club. 

Bowman: Why haven’t you called my show lately?

Me: I figured you wouldn’t let me on.


Bowman was NOT a pervert, but LOGLI had him BLACKMAILED!!

I helped Schier build The Rock River Times and AM the only surviving shareholder.

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