‘The LAST shall be FIRST!’

Nobody Knows: The Untold Story of Black Mormons (DVD Documentary)

Courtesy of: Clarifying Doctrines about Race With Scriptures

Published on Jul 13, 2018

“NOTE: Please note that back in the 1830’s or so, being ordained a “Seventy” meant that you were called on a mission, not the current use of “Seventy” as an Area Authority or General Authority.”

“This documentary discusses the little known legacy of the Black Mormon converts. It confronts the issues which surfaced during the 1960s when the Civil Rights Movement drew attention to the Mormon Church.”

“Co-directors and producers: Margaret B. Young and Darius A. Gray. Edited by: Jim Hughes and K. Danor Gerald. Sponsored by: Independent Features Projects (IFP). 2009. DVD.”









Pre-celebration of the FALL of the DEEP STATE & DEEP CHURCH—’All Over the World!’

If there was one person I could meet, it would be JEFF LYNNE of “ELO.”

I’ve been a fan of the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) since I was 16-years-old, when one of my best friends, Wade Clark, gave me a set of headphones and told me to take a listen from his 1976 turn-table and then he played the song “Fire On High.” 

John Lennon called them, “Son of Beatles.”

Wade was another victim of the Mormon Mafia and “committed suicide” in April 1985, when HE had a hit song on the radio by the band “Giuffria” called “Call To Your Heart.”


I spoke at his funeral and they played HIS song.

Dallin H. Oaks was in attendance at Wade’s funeral! Makes one wonder about Oaks’ role? His son-in-law Jack Ward lived a block away!!

Love you, Wade!! And I won’t be long to see you on the other side.

Until then, thanks for the music, MY FRIEND!!!!

1980 Wade and Tara Clark_BW-edited-1_edited-1

The song was written to his wife, Tara, who had filed for divorce.